1" Wide | 1/16" Thick | Adhesive Backed

Cork Tape - 1" wide and 1/16" thick, sold by the foot.

This cork tape has a cloth adhesive backing which adds strength while allowing it to stick to almost anything. Use for surf rod grips, fore grips on blanks with large OD or any other application where a thin but secure grip is needed. This is the #CTP100 but sold by the foot. Only the #CTP100 1/16" thick is sold by the foot.

How much cork tape do I need?

Figure out how much cork tape your handle needs with this formula:

(Butt OD(inches) * 3.14 * Length of Grip(inches)) / 12 = Feet Needed.

Round UP to the next whole foot. (Ex 6.14 ft = 7ft)



Material:Cork Composite