ATC Curved Aluminum Butt | 8", 10" or 12" EVA Foam Fore Grip | 3 Color Options

When you're fishing offshore, you need a serious rod handle that's always ready to perform and withstand the rush of the largest pelagic or bottom dwelling fish in the ocean. That's why Mud Hole has put together this durable Offshore Aluminum Butt configuration engineered for the fight, so you to get the most out of your big game saltwater rod build every time you're on the water.

Key Features & Benefits

Black EVA Foam Grips
A rugged & durable alternative to traditional cork grips.

ATC Aluminum Butt
Marine-grade aluminum designed to withstand & excel in the harshest offshore conditions. 3 Color options.

Rubber Winding Checks
An assortment of pre-sized rubber winding checks complete the trim.

Kit Components

Now that you have chosen the right ATC Aluminum Butt for your next big game build, we have a few options to make your custom rod perfect. To match the butt sizing, the Size #2 fits 30lb-50lb class rods, the size #4 fits 80lb class rods and the size #6 fits 130lb and up. Once you choose between a size #2, size #4 or size #6 depending on the class of rod you will be building, we give three foregrip options. All three butt sizes allow for a choice of a 8-inch, 10-inch or 12-inch foregrip to best suit your fishing style and personal preference. Have a specific color scheme in mind? Each ATC Aluminum Butt comes in Black, Black/Gold or Sliver to compliment your boat or to match your reel. As with all our handle kits, you receive vinyl/rubber winding that offer flexibility to match up with different ODs of rod blanks.

  • American Tackle Complete Aluminum Curved Butt in Size #2, #4 or #6
  • Three color options: Black, Black/Gold and Silver
  • Each butt has the option of an 8-inch, 10-inch or 12-inch foregrip
  • Black Rubber/Vinyl Winding Checks for various blank O.D.'s

Handle Kit Specifications

8 in. EVA Fore Grip#2 Curved30-5026.80"8.00"34.80"
10 in. EVA Fore Grip#2 Curved30-5026.80"10.00"36.80"
12 in. EVA Fore Grip#2 Curved30-5026.80"12.00"38.80"
8 in. EVA Fore Grip#4 Curved8027.80"8.00"35.80"
10 in. EVA Fore Grip#4 Curved8027.80"10.00"37.80"
12 in. EVA Fore Grip#4 Curved8027.80"12.00"39.80"
8 in. EVA Fore Grip#6 Curved130+28.40"8.00"36.40"
10 in. EVA Fore Grip#6 Curved130+28.40"10.00"38.40"
12 in. EVA Fore Grip#6 Curved130+28.40"12.00"40.40"

Installation & How-To

Note: Handle kits do not include arbors. You can purchase one separately, or build one yourself using tape. Also, as blank diameters change, you may need to ream the inner diameter of the grips to match the blank. In instances where the blank diameter is small, you might need to create an arbor to fit the grip snug to the blank.



Material:EVA & Foam
Brand:American Tackle Co.