Variable speed up to 45rpm | Clutch for complete control and improved finishing | Support stand included
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Variable speed rod dryer + dryer clutch = ultimate drying control

With the popularity of the DCRDS and the success of the RDS with clutch, CRB has combined the best of both products into the DCRDS with Clutch. The variable speed DCRDS Rod Drying System offers flexibility to rod builders of all experience and skill levels, while the addition of the clutch allows users to instantly stop the rod from turning to be precise with the placement of finish. The user-friendly control box will allow you to adjust this dryer from a virtual standstill, all the way up to 45 RPM—yet stop on a dime at your command.

This unit comes with a 3’ cord, form fitting chuck including clutch, and one Dryer Support Stand.


  • Voltage: 110v
  • Motor: Gear Driven 24V D.C.
  • Motor Speed: 2 RPM up to 45 RPM
  • Cord Length: 3 ft.


Key Features & Benefits

  • 2RPM to 45RPM variable speed control
  • Complete control and improved finishing
  • Stop rotation of your rod on the fly without turning off the motor
  • Adjustable chuck tension