5.25" Brush Hog | 1 Cavity
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This is a great flipping or pitching bait. Large flappers, twin c-tails and a partially ringed body all add to this baits fish attracting simplicity.


Custom making your own soft bait lures is one of the most exciting things in angling. Do-it's new Essential Series focuses on providing the tackle enthusiast all the “essential” products used to enter into the world making their own soft bait lures. The products are designed to be a great value and something that any fisherman can utilize to begin creating their own custom baits.

The Essential Series Molds are value engineered, giving the enthusiast a lower price point product, but still retain all the bait's effective fish catching power. Our plastisol is easy to use, does not contain harmful phalates and out performs other products on the market. Our colorant and glitter for the Essential Series is engineered to be user friendly, cost effective and gives the customer amazing creative ability.

Mold Specifications

Item #96004
DescriptionDO-IT Essential Series 5.25" Brush Hog
Stock #BH-1-525
Mold TypeCreature
Size (Inches)5.25"
UPC0 25724 96004 1



Brand:Do-It Molds