Takes the hassle out of custom thread art weaving. Great for initials, monograms, names, fish, & more.
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New Easy Weave Loom takes the hassle out of custom thread art weaving. No more losing track of your threads when using masking tape alone. Easy Weave Loom is the efficient, professional way to add thread weaving art to your custom fishing rods.

The Easy Weave Loom is great for weaving initials, monograms, names, fish and other objects. Made of lightweight, durable plastic the Easy Weave Loom holds 60 threads. Brackets hold the slotted foam insert thread holders, which are easily replaced. Numbers for each thread are laser engraved on the plastic and easy to see. They will not smear or rub off. You can pay a lot more for a thread weaving loom, but you won't find one more practical and useful.


Weaving with the EZLOOM

EZLOOM Product Description


Weight:3.44 oz
Brand:Mud Hole