Bundle all 4 sizes and save | Hand ream or power ream | Ream cork, EVA, composite materials, & more

Get all four of our extreme reamers in one package!

The greatest commercial reamer available. These versatile solid glass reamers are designed to work as a hand reamer for the delicate work or to be chucked up in your drill for jobs requiring a more heavy-duty approach. All Reamers come standard with 50 Grit abrasive. This and a 32 grit abrasive tape are available in 25 foot replacement rolls.

* Due to excessive heat generated by power reaming do not use the EXR-S under power.

Stock No.LengthTapered O.D.
EXR-S14"0.215" – 0.360"
EXR-M14"0.340" – 0.475"
EXR-L14"0.495" – 0.575"
EXR-XL14"0.550" – 0.700"