Compact 4.5x power Magnifier with 3-in-1 fishing tool with tweezers, line clippers, and a hook-eye cleaner.

The OD-99 Fish'nGrip™ from Carson Optical is a compact 4.5x power Magnifier combined with a 3-in-1 Fishing Tool. Built-in serrated "sure-grip" tweezers, precision fishing line clippers and handy hook-eye cleaner makes this the "must have" tool for all fishing enthusiasts. Its crystal-clear acrylic lens lets you see the finest details with ease. Keep this handy Fishing Tool Magnifier in your tackle box. For your convenience the Fish’n Grip comes with a protective pouch.

Model Number:OD-99
Lens Size:30mm (1.2")
Weight:.5 oz.
Dimensions:4" x 1.375" x .8125
Accessories:Protective Pouch



Weight:1.37 oz