Bore out the inside diameter of cork grips 12-13 inches in length. Maintain a centered hole.

Designed to bore out the inside diameter of pre-shaped cork grips twelve to thirteen inches in length and with a minimum inside diameter of 9/32" and maintain a centered hole. Flex Coat is now offering these new concept bits in four sizes, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 7/8".

The bottom edges of the bit have been ground to become the cutting edges and the pilot will be masking tape arbors wound onto the shank of the bit below the cutting edges. Enlarging the Inside diameter is done by pulling the bit through half way and then reversing the bit and finish boring by pulling the bit through from the other end. The boring meets in the middle of the grip and prevents chipping and ragged edges from the bit exiting the grip. The bit is not pushed through the grip.

Download Flex Coat's instructions for use.



Brand:Flex Coat