Advanced WinnDry Polymer | 2 color options | Winding checks included

Mud Hole has taken the popular WinnDry Polymer spinning split grips and created color matched handle kits to get the most out of your freshwater casting rod build. Featuring a 3.857" rear grip matched with a fore grip, reel seat, butt cap and winding checks you have everything you need to assemble your handle with the most advanced grips on the market.

Installing & Fitting Grips to your Blank

As blank diameters change, you might find it necessary to need to ream the inner diameter of the Winn grips to match the blank. Also, in instances where the blank diameter is small, you might need to create an arbor to fit the grip snug to the blank. If you need additional instruction please refer to our resources page to learn more about creating an arbor or reaming a grip.

Kit Highlights

  • CRB Deluxe Graphite Reel Seat
  • MHX WinnDry® Polymer grips
  • Arbor to mount reel seat
  • Assorted winding checks for various diameter rod blanks

Handle Kit Components

Handle OptionForegripRear GripButt Grip
FG175 | FSG387 Rear | SGFBE ButtMHX-FG175
1.75" Length
.375" ID
3.857" Length
.375" ID
2.3" Length
.375" ID

WINN Rod Grip Benefits

Winn’s superior polymer grip technology puts control and comfort quite literally in the angler’s hand and provides tacky sure-grip security even in cold and wet conditions!

About WINNDRY Polymer Material

What it does

  • Provides tacky, non-slip performance in all weather conditions including rain, snow and sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Provides comfort and control; varied textures provide support and grip comfort where they are needed most.

Angler Benefits

  • All-day comfort
  • Supreme control
  • Longer, more accurate casting
  • Improved control when fighting big fish



Material:EVA & Foam