Size 16 & 17 | 9.5mm to 17mm ID | 3 Hood Colors

Fuji® has developed the ACS -THE NEXT GENERATION OF TRIGGER REEL SEATS, to meet the ever growing demand for better accuracy, comfort and casting performance.

By modifying the position and shape of the trigger, the ACS allows you to cast more accurately than other reel seats, automatically aligning the rod tip with the direction of the cast. This revolutionary new design gives you more power and control while helping to eliminate arm and wrist fatigue.

Along with the exposed blank-thru construction for increased sensitivity, the ACS reel seat proves to be the best handle system to come along since Fuji's original Trigger Reel Seat.

Main Trigger

Allows for better comfort and a more nalural grip plus improved casting accuracy due to the forward positioning of the trigger.

Secondary Trigger

Gives the angler more grip support for palming and quick retrieves.

Exposed Blank-Through Design

For both the ACS 16 and 17, this new design adds rod sensitivity and superior rod performance over conventional models.

Comfort Grip

Provides better comfort and grip-style flexibility for both left-handed and right-handed anglers.

Arborless Design

All ACS 16/17 reel-seats come with the new "Ribbed" design eliminating the need for arbors.