Low Profile Casting Reel Seats. Centered bore. Cushioned or uncushioned hoods. | 3 Sizes | 4 Hood Colors

  • Trigger is a molded extension of the body, providing a more comfortable, secure grip.
  • These tough graphite/nylon reel seats are up to 50% lighter than all metal seats and also provide more warmth, sensitivity, and corrosion resistance.
  • Self-aligning stainless steel hood with keyway on body, allows faster and stronger reel mounting.
  • Ribber interior bore to assure proper bonding with blank.
  • Hood comes with or without graphite/nylon cushion which insulates reel feet, preventing electrolytic corrosion.

Size 16 - 108mm (4.25") x 15.5mm (.61") I.D.
Size 17 - 120mm (4.725") x 17.2mm (.68") I.D.
Size 18 - 130.6mm (5.142") x 17.9mm (.71") I.D.



Brand:Pacific Bay