LZR Elite Zirconia Slim Ring Guides | 5wt up to 12wt | 8'6 up to 11' | 3 Color Options

CRB LZR Fly Guide Sets

CRB LZR Fly guide sets – now conveniently packaged in a kit. These kits are setup to handle your next custom build from a 8'6" 5wt all the way to a 12wt. Each set is specifically setup to match the weight and rod length for your next build.

About LZR Guides by CRB

LZR Light Casting Guides are designed with ultra-thin zirconium inserts and reverse pressed stainless steel frames to be incredibly lightweight, yet maximize durability. The kit utilizes both double footed casting guides as the Strippers and the single foot running guides out to finish off a durable, efficient guide train to maximize line speed and distance for ultimate performance on the water.

  • Pressed Ultra-Thin, Super Light Zirconium Rings

  • Increased Durability and Strength — with Less Material and Weight

  • Arrowed Guide Foot for Maximum Holding and Guide Security

  • Available in 3 Premium Frame Finishes: Black, Polished, or Gunsmoke

Guide Set Kit Components

  Running Guides
Rod WeightBase Guides8'6"9'10'11'
5 wt.12-8-6 5 (x6) 5 (x7)5 (x8)5 (x8)
6 wt.12-10-8-6 5 (x4)5 (x5)5 (x5)
7 wt.16-12-8 6 (x7)6 (x8)6 (x8)
8 wt.16-12-8 6 (x7)6 (x8)6 (x8)
9 wt.16-12-8 6 (x7)
10 wt.20-12-8 8 (x7)
11 wt.20-16-12-8 8 (x7)
12 wt.20-16-12-8 8 (x7)