Limited Edition Black Anodized Base Station | RBS-PRO Power Wrapper | 4-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage | 4 Rod Stands
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This Limited Edition RBS Power Wrapping Kit features a stunning Black Anodized Aluminum Base Station that when assembled provides over 8' of working area.

The kit also includes the RBS-PRO Power Wrapper that sets a new standard for professional grade in the marketplace. Features include a heavy-duty precision machined aircraft grade aluminum headstock with 3-jaw self-centering chuck, four speed & torque options, and a foot pedal for complete control over the most powerful and quiet motor on the market.

Want better wraps? This kit also includes the RBS-TC4 4-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage! Key features include an all-new bearing and spring system that eliminates friction for infinite control over your flowing threads that results in tight, smooth thread wraps with ease.

This Limited Edition RBS Pro Power Wrapper Kit will serve you well for many, many years to come.

Features of the RBS-PRO

  • Heavy-duty precision machined aircraft grade aluminum headstock and chuck
  • Premium sealed ball bearings for ultra-smooth operation
  • Stepped aluminum pulleys, allowing 4 different speed and torque configurations
  • 2 drive belt options included
  • Interchangeable Concave and Convex chuck teeth (convex allow teeth to tighten around a blank as small as .250")
  • Drive stand space saving design reduces the footprint on the aluminum base allowing and additional 6" of wrapping space compared to other "power wrappers"
  • Foot pedal for complete control
  • Motor: 110V, 60Hz, 120W, 1.2A 6000 RPM, Thermal Cutoff 145C
  • Foot Pedal Controller: 115/125V AC, 50/60Hz, 1.0A, Thermal Cutoff 145C

Power Wrapper Instructions

What's Included in the Kit

RBS PRO Power Wrapper & Handle Turning Unit

CRB has revolutionized the power wrapper. At the center of the RBS-PRO is the 3-jaw chuck, crafted from aircraft grade aluminum. This chuck includes two sets of teeth for large diameter rod blanks down to small OD mandrels for handle turning. Four distinct modes of operation are achieved through a dual pulley system, while the motor speed can be manually titrated for more delicate work through the use of a smooth-operating foot pedal.

Black ABS Aluminum Base Station

The Aluminum Base Station is the platform which the CRB Rod Building System is built on. When fully assembled this unit has over 8' of working space. The base also features dual roller tracks, allowing trays to roll in the front or rear of the wrapper as well as a center track which is used to mount support stands anywhere along the length of the station. The Aluminum Base is fully boxed to provide more usable area and features an interior support beam to prevent warping and flexing during transport and use.

4-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage

  • Keep up to 4 spools at the ready - perfect for color-change weaves
  • Compatible with small & medium sized spools from ProWrap, Pac Bay, Fuji and more
  • Extra-smooth ball-bearing system eliminates friction
  • Multiple thread guide paths allow you to optimize thread position during tricky wraps
  • Seamless integration with RBS wrapping system


Professional Grade Features

Headstock & Chuck
Machined aircraft grade aluminum. 3-jaw self centering chuck

Four speed & torque options

Foot Pedal
Complete control & very responsive

Attaches to Base
Future proofs investment in RBS system

Quiet, ultra smooth operations

4-Spool Rolling Carriage
Keep all your favorite colors handy
Included in this kit!

Black RBS Track
Aluminum base, secures & organizes all RBS components
Included in this kit!

Built for Growth
Several add-ons available, from magnifiers to tool trays
Optional add-on, sold separately