7'0" | 10-20 lb. | 3/8 - 1 oz. | Mod-Fast Action | Medium-Heavy Power | 1 Piece | 5.5 Tip | 0.537 Butt | 14 Color Options

MHX 7'0" CB845 Medium-Heavy Crankbait Rod Blank

With its mod/fast action and medium-heavy power, the CB845 features the ideal flex to absorb shock and keep treble hooks buttoned up on fish. This versatile 7'0" rod blank is excellent whether fishing crankbaits, lipped crankbaits, rattle traps, twitch baits, or even swimbaits and umbrella rigs!

About MHX Crankbait Blanks

The MHX Crankbait series incorporates innovative designs and softer tip flex actions to marry well with the largest arsenal of crankbaits running at various depths. These multi modulus, blended graphite models are at least 40% lighter than fiberglass blanks, while providing extreme sensitivity. If you like long casts, increased hook-ups, and putting more fish in the boat, these crankbait blanks are for you!

Blank Specifications

CB845-Blend7'0"110-20 lb.3/8 - 1 oz.Mod-FastMed-Heavy0.5375.55.5

Included Accessories

  • Tip protector

  • Rod blank cleaning wipe

  • Rod specs decal with unique serial number

  • Metallic MHX rod decal

  • MHX window/bumper sticker

Lifetime Limited Warranty

These lightweight, yet powerful rod blanks provide the professional custom builder and hobbyist a dependable rod blank they can rely on for years to come. All blanks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and when you register the unique serial number that comes with each blanks, the warranty is transferrable - an industry first!



Line Weight:10-20 lb.
Lure Weight:3/8 - 1 oz.
Tip Size:5.5 (~2.2mm)
Butt Diameter:0.537
Weight (oz):1.9
Color:14 Color Options
Application:Crankbait, Swimbait & Umbrella
MHX Application Index:Jerk Baits, Lipped Crank Bait, Rattle Traps, Swim Baits, Twitch Baits
Material:38MM Toray Fiber Blend