10 Models in Spinning or Baitcasting | From 8-14 lb. up to 12-20 lb. | EVA, Cork or Winndry® Handles | CRB Elite Guides in Black or Chrome | Slate Finish

Kit Application

Kit Components

The BEST Mag Taper Bass Rod Kits

These MHX rod kits are game changers! Now you can customize a Mag Taper bass rod kit around your favorite MHX blank with the components and colors you want!

Choose your blank in the color you want, with the handle material you like best, in the style you prefer, for the application that is right for you; Cork & EVA, Full or Split Grip, Casting or Spinning, the options are almost limitless.

These World Class MHX Rod Kits are based on state of the art blanks, Super Grade cork and EVA handles, high quality reel seats, and perfectly matched CRB elite quality guides & tip tops. The MHX series incorporates innovative designs of both traditional and progressive actions that are as much as 40% lighter than comparable standard graphite models and incredibly more sensitive.

Order this kit today & build your own custom MAG Bass fishing rod!

Your Mag Bass Rod Kit Includes:

  • High performance MHX Mag Taper rod blank
  • Deluxe graphite reel seats (spinning or trigger)
  • EVA foam, Super Grade cork or MHX Winndry® grips
  • Your choice of traditional or split-grip handle
  • CRB Elite guides in pro-style (concept) layout
  • Black Rubber/Vinyl Winding Checks

Specifications — Mag Taper Bass Rod

MB7826'6"18-14 lb.3/16 - 5/8 oz.FastMedium
MB7836'6"110-17 lb.1/4 - 3/4 oz.FastMed-Heavy
MB7846'6"112-20 lb.5/16 - 1 oz.FastHeavy
MB8427'0"18-15 lb.1/8 - 1/2 oz.FastMedium
MB8437'0"110-17 lb.1/4 - 3/4 oz.FastMed-Heavy
MB8447'0"112-20 lb.5/16 - 1 oz.FastHeavy
MB8737'3"110-17 lb.1/4 - 3/4 oz.FastMed-Heavy
MB8747'3"112-20 lb.5/16 - 1 oz.FastHeavy
MB9037'6"110-17 lb.1/4 - 3/4 oz.FastMed-Heavy
MB9047'6"112-20 lb.5/16 - 1 oz.FastHeavy

Customize and Build Your Mag Bass Fishing Rod Today!

Choose your Rod Blank

Choose from the best of the best. These rod kits feature our best selling MHX Mag Taper models in Slate finish. MHX rods are meticulously designed and crafted with state of the art materials & tooling. Which one is right for you?

Choose your Guides

The guide kit comes in black or chrome and is perfectly fitted for your rod blank and style. CRB Elite guides are offered in pro-style "Concept" layouts for tournament-grade accuracy and feature our highest tensile strength, braid proof Zirconia rings.

Choose your Handle Type

Choose from Black EVA foam or Super Grade cork in either full or split-grips - or go all-out with the performance-enhancing MHX Winndry® foam split-grips.

Why You Need to Build an MHX Mag Taper Bass Rod Kit:

Take the Guesswork Out of Selecting Components

Superior Performance
Without an Engineering Degree

Engineered by Professionals
Crafted by Years of Experience

Performance Guaranteed
Lifetime Limited Warranty



Application:Bass, Flipping & Pitching, Freshwater, Spinnerbait & Buzzbait, Swimbait & Umbrella, Walleye