10 Models | 4'6" to 6'6" | 30-50 lb. up to 50-80 lb. | American Tackle Aluminum Butt or Slick Butt | Your Choice of AFTCO® Roller Guides or Turbo Boat Guides in 3 Colors
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The Best Offshore Saltwater Fishing Rod Kit

It has never been this easy to build a custom Offshore Saltwater fishing rod! This rod kit allows you to build - yes build - your own Offshore fishing rod. No longer do you have to settle for a one size fits all kit!

Using the product menu options, you can choose the rod you want - including the length and power you desire, the handle assembly, as well as the color of your guides and reel seat components (Black, Chrome or Black & Gold).

Advanced Offshore Rod Blanks

These revolutionary designs incorporate a tubular glass blank with a solid glass tip. This process reduces the weight considerably from solid glass blanks, yet offers the same durability.

Order this kit today & build your own custom Offshore Fishing rod!

Your MHX Power Tip Offshore Fishing Rod Kit Includes:

Rod Choices - Which is Right for You?

PTSW54XH4'6"140-60 lb.FastX Heavy
PTSW54XXH4'6"150-80 lb.Fast2X Heavy
PTSW60XXH5'0"150-80 lb.Fast2X Heavy
PTSW66H5'6"130-50 lb.FastHeavy
PTSW66XXH5'6"150-80 lb.Fast2X Heavy
PTSW72H6'0"130-50 lb.FastHeavy
PTSW72XH6'0"140-60 lb.FastX Heavy
PTSW72XXH6'0"150-80 lb.Fast2X Heavy
PTSW78H6'6"130-50 lb.FastHeavy
PTSW78XH6'6"140-60 lb.FastX Heavy

Customize and Build Your MHX Power Tip Offshore Rod Today!

Choose your Rod Blank

Choose from the best of the best. These rod kits feature our best selling tubular glass MHX Power Tip Offshore rod blanks in Satin Black finish. MHX rods are meticulously designed and crafted with state of the art materials & tooling. Which one is right for you?

Choose your Guides

The guide kit comes in Black, Chrome or Black & Gold and is perfectly fitted for your rod blank and style. Choose from AFTCO® Heavy Duty roller guides or American Tackle Turbo boat guides.

Choose your Handle Type

All MHX saltwater rod kits include your choice of handle - whether you prefer trolling with a unibutt or a rod-holder friendly "slick butt" style handle. Either handle style includes components to match your guide set.

Why You Need to Build an MHX Power Tip Offshore Rod Kit:

Take the Guesswork Out of Selecting Components

Superior Performance
Without an Engineering Degree

Engineered by Professionals
Crafted by Years of Experience

Performance Guaranteed
Lifetime Limited Warranty



Application:Bottom - Over 50 lbs., Bottom - Under 50 lbs., IGFA Trolling, Offshore, Tuna