8 Handle Options | From 24" to 42" | Ultralight to Med-Heavy Power

Kit Components

This kit is assembled to order.
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MHX Solid Carbon Ice Fishing Rod Kits

These lightweight, high performance ice rod kits are likely to become the prize of your ice rod collection. Our rod kits take the guesswork out of selecting the right ice rod components.

Each kit allows you to choose your handle style and guide color, and they all include an MHX solid carbon rod blank with green tip to help with strike visibility. When your ice fishing buddies see this completed rod, they will all want one!

Order today & build your own custom MHX Solid Carbon ice fishing rod!

Your Ice Fishing Rod Kit Includes:

  • High performance MHX Solid Carbon Ice rod blank
  • Your choice of 8 unique handle styles
  • CRB Performance Spinning guide kit in your choice of chrome or black
  • Extra large loop tip top for superior knot & ice clearance (available in chrome only)

Rod Choices - Which is Right for You?

CIB-24ML24"2-6 lb.FastMed-Light16-12-8
CIB-26L26"1-4 lb.FastLight16-12-8
CIB-28UL28"1-4 lb.FastUltralight20-10-8-6
CIB-3030"2-6 lb.FastLight20-10-8-6
CIB-32UL32"1-4 lb.FastUltralight20-10-8-6
CIB-36UL36"1-4 lb.FastUltralight20-10-8-6-6
CIB-3636"2-6 lb.FastLight20-10-8-6-6
CIB-36MLMF36"2-6 lb.Mod-FastMed-Light20-10-8-6-6
CIB-36MH36"8-15 lb.Mod-FastMed-Heavy20-10-8-6-6
CIB-4242"4-8 lb.FastLight20-10-8-6-6



Application:Ice Fishing