6'0" | PE 2-4 | Mod-Fast Action | 1 Piece | 8.5 Tip | 0.56 Butt
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Taming The Beast!

The backbone in its design lays in the dynamic engineering, quality of craftsmanship, and only the best in composite material. Crafted with T12 and T40 technology, it provides the unique strength and lifting power to handle the strongest of tuna’s, Amberjack’s, GT’s and other brutes of the abyss. The Megaladon popping and jigging series - face the challenges head on, while taming the beast!



Line Weight:PE 2-4
Tip Size:8.5 (~3.4mm)
Butt Diameter:0.56
Weight:4.97 oz.
Application:Offshore, Vertical Jigging
Brand:Phenix Rods