Chrome, Black or Gunsmoke Frame | Duralite or Nanolite Ring | For carp and surf rods

MicroWave™ Carp/Surf Caster Guide Set

Introducing the MicroWave “Carp Caster” edition by American Tackle Company. This new development uses the MicroWave Line Control technology specifically designed to effectively and efficiently cast all high performance carp and surf casting rods. This complete set of 8 guides includes a 50/30mm ring stripping guide, 16mm transition guide combined with 12mm single foot design running guides allowing maximum castability using all monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided fishing lines.

This guide system is designed to cast all applicable lengths of rods, rod powers, reel sizes, lure weights with all lines; Monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided lines.

The 50/30 allows unrestricted capture of line from the reel and maximizes line control without inhibiting line flow. Speed will be maintained and friction reduced through a quick graduated reduction allowing greater efficiency using stiffer lines.

Sold as Complete Sets

Stripping GuideTransition GuideRunning Guides
50/30 mm16mm12mm (x6)
To order additional running guides for longer rods, please choose #12.

MicroWave™ Surf Caster Features

  • Smoother controlled casting
  • Improves blank/rod performance
  • Less energy to cast
  • Casts all line configurations
  • Improved distance
  • Improved targeting
  • Universal carp/surf applications
  • Reduced guide weight
  • Improved rod balance
  • Reduced guide foot print on Blank



Brand:American Tackle Co.