Rod Action vs. Power - Facebook Live

In this episode we utilize the CRB Deflection tool to display rod action and power. The deflection tool needs to be on the wall of every serious rod builder! The Deflection board gives you an opportunity to compare two blanks at a time so you can match the power and action of your favorite rod to a rod you are building. Additionally the board can serve as the backdrop of guide place using static deflection.

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12 Products

12 Products

CRB Guide Alignment & Reel Seat Spacer Tool

Quickly and Easily Align Guides and Split Reel Seats

CRB Laser Alignment System CRB-LZR

Perfectly align guides prior to wrapping | Mounts directly to reel seat

Peel-Off China Marker

Excellent for marking blank with guide and thread layout. For white blanks try the red or black options.

CRB Micro Guide Bands

260 per package | Bright red color ensures visibility
$4.51 $6.95

Guide Tubing

The fastest way to hold guides while determining placement for wrapping

CRB Tip Top & Guide Sizing Gauge

Easily size tip-tops, running guides or a rod blank tip. Handy conversion chart imprinted on rear.

CRB Spine Finder & Deflection System CRB-SF

Quickly and accurately locate the exact spine of any blank!

CRB Deflection Chart

8' Wall Mounted Deflection Chart by CRB.  Pairs perfectly with CRB-DFT Deflection Tool. 

CRB Pro Tool Combo Pack

Includes 3 tools | 110v or 220v
$104.35 $109.85

CRB Deflection Tool & Chart Combo Kit

Bundle and Save $! The DFT-KIT pairs the CRB Deflection tool with the Wall mounted deflection chart.
$69.95 $79.90

CRB Deflection Tool

Compare the Action and Power of rod blanks with the Wall Mounted Deflection Tool by CRB