Top Selling Rod Building Kits For Beginners

We made this category for those new to rod building, because it sometimes helps to browse some of the more popular kits that are being purchased by other new rod builders. These kits were designed from the ground up to include everything you need to get started, at a price that makes it easy to get started. Bookmark this page today and check back often as these items can change daily!

16 Products

16 Products

Basic Rod Building Start-Up Supply Kit FSB-2

Kit has every tool, supply, & instructional material to get started in DIY custom fishing rod building & repair.
$149.95 $249.99

Pro Products Premium Workshop Supply Kit

Includes 4oz. each ProPaste and ProKote | Bulk-packaged supplies and More
$84.99 $132.93

Pro Products Basic Workshop Supply Kit

Includes 2oz. each ProPaste and ProKote | 10-packs of various supplies and more
$34.99 $45.17

Pro Products 4-Rod Supply Kit

Pro Products Supply Kits give you everything you need to start gluing handles and applying epoxy to guide wraps!
$20.99 $28.19

Finishing Kit with Epoxy Mixer

This finishing kit includes an electric epoxy mixer, 4 oz. of ProKote, and all the brushes, mixing sticks and supplies you will need to finish many future rod builds. Great opportunity to stock up and save!
$77.09 $85.65

ProKöte Rod Building Thread Finish, Preloaded Syringe Kit

Starter kit with 24ml of ProK_te medium build thread finish, 4 mixing cups, 4 mixing sticks and 4 brushes.
$13.95 $16.35

Pro Products Single Rod Epoxy Finish & Glue Kit

Enough supplies for one rod up to 7' | Includes ProGlue and ProKote
$9.99 $11.87

MHX 7'0" Med-Heavy Turnkey Rod Kits

Complete all-in-one bass and freshwater rod building kit by MHX. Rod specs: 7'0" | 10-17 lb. | 1/4 - 3/4 oz. | Fast Action | Medium-Heavy Power
$189.99 $337.23

CRB 6'6" Medium Turnkey Rod Kits

Great for all-around fishing! Choose from 12 New Colors | Spinning or Casting | Includes everything you need to build your own custom rods
$159.99 $280.43

MHX 7'0" Med-Light Turnkey Rod Kits

Complete all-in-one rod building kit by MHX. Great for all freshwater and inshore applications. Rod specs: 7'0" | 6-12 lb. | 1/8 - 1/2 oz. | Fast Action | Medium-Light Power
$199.99 $337.48

MHX 7'0" Light Turnkey Rod Kits

Complete all-in-one panfish & light freshwater rod building kit by MHX.
7'0" | 4-8 lb. | 1/16 - 5/16 oz. | Fast Action | Light Power
$179.99 $317.39

MHX Turnkey Fly Rod Building Kit

We took the MHX Ultimate Fly Rod Kit & made it a turnkey kit which includes all the tools & supplies you will need! Build it your way with these new options!
$229.99 $385.96

CRB 2-Piece 7'0" Med-Light Turnkey Rod Kits

Perfect Gift Idea | Build it Spinning or Casting
7'0" | 4-10 lb. | Moderate Action | Medium-Light Power | 2 Piece
$154.99 $221.84

MHX Turnkey Ice Rod Kits

Builds (3) Ice Rods | All-in-One Starter Kit
$159.99 $260.09

MHX Heavy Freshwater Turnkey Rod Kits

Everything you need to build a Musky, Pike & Heavy Freshwater rod!
8'0" | 15-40 lb. | 3/4 - 3 oz. | Fast Action | Medium-Heavy Power
$199.99 $339.85

MHX Saltwater Turnkey Rod Kits

Complete all-in-one saltwater rod building kit by MHX. Rod specs: 7'0" | 20-60 lb. | Mod-Fast Action |Heavy Power | 1K Weave/Clear Gloss Finish Finish
$209.99 $348.29