6'6" | 20-60 lb. | Fast Action | 1 Piece | 7.5 Tip | 0.6 Butt

A new generation of saltwater blanks has been born. Using Toray’s high strength Carbon Fibers, the Black Diamond is created with a unique layering process and a “secret sauce” resin. This combination of aerospace technology allowed us to fabricate a super strong blank that has a thinner diameter and weighs considerably less than any other rods in its class. Phenix's Black Diamond blanks are aptly named because these can stand up to the harshest saltwater conditions. The high modulus construction of the Black Diamond series means that they have a lot of backbone and sensitivity.



Line Weight:20-60 lb.
Tip Size:7.5 (~3.0mm)
Butt Diameter:0.6
Description:Black Diamond Saltwater
Application:Light Saltwater
Brand:Phenix Rods