6'9" | 6-12 lb. | 1/16 - 3/8 oz. | Extra Fast Action | Medium-Light Power | 1 Piece

Point Blank Fishing Rod Blanks

Some will call it an "advance", others an "innovation". In truth it’s more of a transformation; a morph from what carbon fiber blank technology was into what carbon fiber blank technology will become. Yes, new materials play a part, but new thinking is the true catalyst. The kind of thinking that gains clarity only with time; thinking that ultimately lets you do in your head what others struggle with on paper. Point Blank is the manifestation of such thought. A blank that perhaps is as good as blanks can get until a chance discovery in the future changes everything. Welcome to a blank that deserves your best work. Point Blank. A blank that hits every expectation dead center. You can’t miss when it’s Point Blank.

Blank technology at its best is apparent in a POINT Blank the first time you pick one up. World Class Carbon Fibers carefully integrated into a skrimless, variable-bias design that results in better control, more efficient power and unmatched recovery and speed. Powerful equi-radius butt design makes hardware spec and installation fast and easy. You'll wonder how it could be this light and this powerful at the same time.

POINT Blank. A blank that deserves your best work!



Line Weight:6-12 lb.
Lure Weight:1/16 - 3/8 oz.
Action:Extra Fast
Tip Size:5.0 (~2.0mm)
Application:Spin & Jig
Brand:Point Blank