New Product | Size B | 100 Yards per spool | 4 Colors | Color-treated Nylon

ProProducts introduces ProWrap’s Fusion Variegated Threads as the latest addition to their popular line of premium rod building threads. ProWrap’s Fusion Variegated Threads come in four color selections: red fusion, blue fusion, purple fusion, and black/gray fusion.

Since variegated means exhibiting various colors, these threads have darker and lighter tones infused in streaks throughout the thread to create an awesome and unique look on all rod wraps. From bold under-wraps and bright decoration to double foot guide wraps and primary thread wraps, ProWrap’s Fusion Variegated Threads are available in Size B 100 yd. spools and color treated to maintain their brilliant look regardless of application.



Thread Type:Colorfast
Thread Size:Size B