Quick drying paint markers. | 8 colors | Includes chisel, round and fine point tips.

Quick-Coat Paint Markers are the answer to complete customization of lures, rods or arrows. With chisel, round and fine point tips, these markers are ideal for drawing eyes, gill plates, dorsal lines and scales.

Cabela's 6 time National Walleye Championship qualifier, with two top ten finishes, Do-it pro-staffer Rich Stebbins of Thornton, Colorado swears by these markers. The markers are easy to use and are included in several pro's tackle boxes for needed changes on the water. Since they are paint markers that dry very quickly, they won't come off in the water.

Retail packaged in hangable blister pack.

Colors Available:
White (01), Chartreuse (03), Black (05), Red (14), Silver (24), Gold (28), Super Glow Chartreuse (52), Super Glow Green (53), Super Glow Red (57)



Brand:CS Coatings