The RBS is the first of its' kind, a fully expandable and upgradeable unit that will grow with the needs of the user. The RBS is the first and last tool a rod builder will ever need.

The RBS is the first of its' kind, a fully expandable and upgradeable unit that will grow with the needs of the user. The RBS is the first and last tool a rod builder will ever need.

Download Rod Building System Manual

Download Hand Wrapper Manual

What's Included in the Kit

AHWS-2 Advanced Hand Wrapper

CRB has revolutionized the hand-wrapper. The AHWS-2 hand wrapping unit features a 4-spool thread tensioner and a tension rod which allows for easy reversing while building. Thread then runs to the slider which can move seamlessy along the 10" wrapping base. Also features adjustable stands mounted to the base along with a third stand for supporting the butt or tip. Finally the AHWS-2 incorporates interchangeable step by step instruction cards displaying a range of basic wrapping and advanced decorative techniques. (Basic wrapping Step by Step card included with AHWS-2.)

ABS Aluminum Base Station

The Aluminum Base Station is the platform which the CRB Rod Building System is built on. When fully assembled this unit has over 8' of working space. The base also features dual roller tracks, allowing trays to roll in the front or rear of the wrapper as well as a center track which is used to mount support stands anywhere along the length of the station. The Aluminum Base is fully boxed to provide more usable area and features an interior support beam to prevent warping and flexing during transport and use.

Major Features and Key Benefits:

  1. Adjustable Vertical Supports – now you can move the supports out of the way to accommodate existing guides, handles or just give yourself more room to work. Supports are wide enough to completely clear the thread slider. The two main supports can also be completely removed for the base station to allow you with the ultimate in versatility.
    1. The supports feature felt lined deep “blank-pockets” to hold your rod blank secure and protected its surface while wrapping.
    2. The positive locking system securely keeps the blank from jumping out of supports while you wrap.
    3. A third vertical rod support is provided to support the butt or tip while wrapping at the base station.
  2. Dual Spool Tensioners – holding two spools means you can quickly change from color to color fast and efficiently.
  3. Spool Side Pressure System – SSPS, is designed to put pressure on the spool, not the thread like many plate type thread tensions – a much better way to tension the thread. By putting pressure on the spool and not the thread you avoid the problems of the metallic treads de-laminating, nylon thread bunching and twist coiling. The SSPS also feature Delrin washer system aided by a cone spring for a smooth and constant pressure on your wraps.
  4. Smooth Slider – designed to move smoothly along the complete base, no binding and tracks well to the thread wraps. It even clears to vertical supports.
  5. Thread Tension Rod (HWS-TR) – is designed to keep constant thread tension on your wraps, cushion the tread spool pressure and allow you to reverse your wraps without losing tension on the thread.
  6. Instruction Card – the HWS-1 incorporates an interchangeable step by step instruction cards which show the basic steps and advanced steps to building your custom fishing rod.
  7. Wrapper Base – serves as the mounting platform for the complete HWS-1 system and feature soft rubber feet which keep the HWS-1 in place while you are wrapping.
  8. System Approach – This Hand Wrapping System (HWS) is part of the CRB system of rod building equipment line. As such the Vertical Supports are interchange able with the CRB Rod Drying System (RDS) and upgradeable to other CRB equipment to come. Stay tuned for more!
  9. Price – We saved the best for last – the Price! This unit is 50% less than lesser wooden hand wrapping units.