Black or Silver base station | 2-Spool rolling thread carriage | 9 RPM rod dryer with wire chuck | Basic tool & supply kit

The RBS is the first of its' kind, a fully expandable and upgrade-able unit that will grow with the needs of the user. The RBS is the first and last tool a rod builder will ever need.

This kit contains the ABS aluminum base station along with our new and improved 9 RPM rod dryer with wire chuck, 4 rod stands, and a smooth sliding dual-spool thread carriage complete with ball-bearing tensioners.

Additionally,  we've added a full complement of start-up supplies and tools that ensure sure you're started with everything you need to build and finish your own custom rods. Just add a rod kit and start building!  

Download Rod Building System Manual


  • Voltage: 110v
  • Motor Speed: 9RPM
  • Cord Length: 6 ft.
  • Total Working Length: 8 ft.

Included Hardware

  • RBS-K1 aluminum base station
  • RBS-TC2 rolling thread carriage
  • 9RPM RDS rod dryer with wire chuck
  • CRB spine finder tool
  • EM1 automatic epoxy mixer 
  • 4x rod support stands

Included Supplies

  • PSK-3 basic workshop supply kit:
    • 4 oz - ProPaste Epoxy Glue
    • 4 oz - ProKote Thread Finish
    • 25 Disposable Foil Mixing Dishes (3")
    • 10 Mixing Cups
    • 10 Mixing Sticks
    • 10 Epoxy Finish Brushes
    • 1 Tip-Top Adhesive Glue Stick
    • 1 Guide Foot Adhesive
    • 10 Razor Blades
    • 5 Speedy Thread Pullers
    • Masking Tape - 1/4"
    • Masking Tape - 1/2"
    • Masking Tape - 1/8"
    • China Marker - White
    • 2 Self-Sealing Syringe Insert Bottle Caps
  • ALB glass alcohol burner
  • CRB tip-top/guide sizing gauge
  • CP114B thread tool combo:
    • Burnishing tool
    • Thread clippers
    • Thread pick
  • Adhesive-backed measuring tape
  • Extreme reamer set (S, M, L, XL)
  • ProWrap 18-spool thread assortment
  • Guide tubing (GT-0, GT-1, GT-2, GT-3)
  • "Rod Building 101" instruction book

Equipment Featured in this Kit

2-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage

The RBS 2-Spool Thread Carriage mounts directly to the RBS aluminum base track and features an all-new ball bearing and spring system that eliminates friction for the ultimate control of your thread wraps. Dual oversize tension knobs secure both small and medium thread spools and allow for precision tension tuning to get your wraps just right. The smooth-rolling base also includes multiple thread guide layouts for better positioning during tricky wraps, and two convenient neodymium magnets to secure razor blades, thread picks, and more.

ABS Aluminum Base Station

The Aluminum Base Station is the platform which the CRB Rod Building System is built on. When fully assembled this unit has over 8' of working space. The base also features dual roller tracks, allowing trays to roll in the front or rear of the wrapper as well as a center track which is used to mount support stands anywhere along the length of the station. The Aluminum Base is fully boxed to provide more usable area and features an interior support beam to prevent warping and flexing during transport and use.

9RPM Rod Dryer with Wire Chuck

The RDS Rod Dryer with Wire Chuck works to easily grasp any size butt! This user-friendly chuck is made of durable aircraft aluminum with a spring steel wire for self-centering chuck jaws that won't loosen over time. Plus, it fits an incredible range of butt diameters to finish anything from ice rods, fly rods, and individual sections of multi-piece rods, to surf rods and larger diameter offshore rods.

4 Total Rod Support Stands

Each RBS Kit includes 4 total rod support stands to securely cradle your rod while wrapping and finishing. RBS support stands can be used on or off the base track, so you can wrap one rod while you dry another with the included RBS dryer!

CRB Spine Finder

The CRB Spine Finder System will quickly and accurately locate the exact spine of any blank. Just insert blank and push down on tip. Precision ball bearings, adjustable PVC base pre-drilled for easy mounting. A "must" if you build custom rods.

EM1 Automatic Epoxy Mixer

Use the new CRB Epoxy Mixing System for perfectly mixed, bubble-free epoxy. The EM1 features an 18RPM mixing motor with 6ft power cord, plug and switch mounted on a powder coated steel base, and non-slip foot pads.