Black or Silver base station | RBS PRO power wrapper with foot pedal | 4-Spool rolling thread carriage | 9 RPM rod dryer with clutch
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The RBS is the first of its' kind, a fully expandable and upgrade-able unit that will grow with the needs of the user. The RBS is the first and last tool a rod builder will ever need.

This kit contains the ABS aluminum base station along with the crown jewel of the CRB equipment line: the RBS PRO power wrapping unit. Additional equipment includes an upgraded 9 RPM rod dryer with dryer clutch, 4 rod stands, and a smooth sliding 4-spool thread carriage complete with ball-bearing tensioners. Total assembled length of 99". All required hardware included, some assembly required.

Download RBS System Manual

Download RBS PRO Manual


  • Voltage: 110v
  • Power Wrapper Motor: 110V, 60Hz, 120W, 1.2A 6000 RPM, Thermal Cutoff 145C 
  • Foot Pedal Controller: 115/125V AC, 50/60Hz, 1.0A, Thermal Cutoff 145C 
  • Dryer Speed: 9RPM
  • Cord Length: 6 ft.
  • Total Working Length: 8 ft.

Included Hardware

  • RBS-K1 aluminum base station
  • RBS PRO power wrapping unit
  • RBS-TC4 rolling thread carriage
  • 9RPM RDS rod dryer w/ dryer clutch
  • 4x rod support stands

Equipment Featured in this Kit

RBS PRO Power Wrapper & Handle Turning Unit

CRB has revolutionized the power wrapper. At the center of the RBS-PRO is the 3-jaw chuck, crafted from aircraft grade aluminum. This chuck includes two sets of teeth for large diameter rod blanks down to small OD mandrels for handle turning. Four distinct modes of operation are achieved through a dual pulley system, while the motor speed can be manually titrated for more delicate work through the use of a smooth-operating foot pedal.

ABS Aluminum Base Station

The Aluminum Base Station is the platform which the CRB Rod Building System is built on. When fully assembled this unit has over 8' of working space. The base also features dual roller tracks, allowing trays to roll in the front or rear of the wrapper as well as a center track which is used to mount support stands anywhere along the length of the station. The Aluminum Base is fully boxed to provide more usable area and features an interior support beam to prevent warping and flexing during transport and use.

TC4 4-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage

Featuring an all-new bearing and spring system that eliminates friction for infinite control over your flowing threads, this 4-Spool Carriage achieves pure, unimpeded thread tension resulting in tight, smooth thread wraps with ease. In addition to securing four small to medium sized thread spools, there are also four large tension knobs to allow user-friendly adjustments, whether changing tension or swapping thread options. The base includes multiple mounted thread guide layouts to optimize thread position during tricky wraps, as well as two convenient neodymium magnets installed to secure razor blades, thread picks, and more.

9RPM RDS Rod Dryer with Dryer Clutch

The new RDS units offers Rod Builders a durable, easy to use drying unit that is perfect for novice and professionals. This improved dryer includes the new Dryer Clutch which allows you to stop the rotation of your rod without turning off your RDS Dryer. This allows for complete control and improved finishing during the coating process. The 9RPM dryer is supplied with 6' cord, form fitting chuck, dryer clutch, and one Dryer Support Stand. 3 additional rod supports are also included for a total of 4 support stands.