9 RPM or 18 RPM | 110v or 220v | Spring steel wire chuck fits rods of virtually any diameter

The RDS Rod Dryer with Wire Chuck works to easily grasp any size butt!

This user-friendly chuck is made of durable aircraft aluminum with a spring steel wire for self-centering chuck jaws that won't loosen over time. Plus, it fits an incredible range of butt diameters to finish anything from ice rods, fly rods, and individual sections of multi-piece rods, to surf rods and larger diameter offshore rods.

This dryer with wire chuck is available in 9RPM and 18RPM as well as the 110V or 220V option

Key Features & Benefits

  • Motor available in 9 or 18 rpm
  • Available in 110V or 220V
  • Compatible with varying Butt Diameters
  • Made of durable aircraft grade aluminum
  • Spring wire self-centering jaws