Black Nickel Titanium Frame | Wire Ring | Spinning

Black Pearl RECOIL Single Foot Spinning Rod Guides Nickel titanium alloy.

The RECOIL “black pearl” is a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated RECOIL guide. This is a flexible vacuum coating process that not only increase surface micro hardness but they also provide a decorative appearance on the RECOIL guides.

Guide Size   Actual OD
40                      33.25mm
30                      26.05mm
25                      21.37mm
20                      16.63mm
16                      12.80mm
12                      10.56mm
10                      9.00mm
8                        6.80mm (Height 12.41mm)
8L                      6.80mm (Height 10.49mm)
7                        6.03mm

6                        4.98mm
5                        3.77mm 

4.5                     3.27mm
4                        2.85mm



Application:Freshwater, Light Saltwater
Material:Nickel Titanium
Ring Material:Wire
Brand:REC Components