Stop rod rotation for complete control and improved finishing. | For Standard RDS or Variable Speed DCRDS

Clutch Assembly for RDS Rod Dryer, and NEW Clutch Assembly for DCRDS Variable Speed Rod Dryers – Easy installation on your existing rod dryer!

Whether using the RDS Rod Dryer, or the DCRDS Variable Speed Dryer, rod builders can now stop the rod’s rotation in its tracks to precisely apply finish in typically tough to reach places. The Dryer Clutch enables you to grab the blank and pause the rod’s rotation without shutting off your dryer for complete control and improved finishing during the coating process.

The DCA Dryer Clutch Assembly is designed to work exclusively with the RDS Dryer, while DCA2 easily upgrades the DCRDS Rod Dryer to add the benefits of the popular clutch system.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation takes less than 5 minutes
  • Upgrade your Standard or Variable-Speed RDS Rod Dryer
  • Complete control and improved finishing
  • Stop rotation of your rod on the fly without turning off the motor
  • Adjustable chuck tension


Clutch Assembly Instructions

Standard Dryer Assembly

Variable Speed Dryer Assembly