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NEW XL Diameter for Larger Rod Blanks

Now available for larger diameter rod blanks! XL Skinz measure approximately 3.25" x 6" and are designed to wrap around even the largest offshore rods!

RodSkinz™ Decorative Wraps

Finally, there is an easy way to bring your custom rod to life! Rod Skinz™ allow you to set yourself apart from the crowd while expressing your tastes, styles, or even wild side by wrapping your rod in a custom print of your choice. Best of all, Rod Skinz™ can be installed by just about anyone and do not require any expertise or special tools!

Rod Skinz™ measure 3.25" x 6" OR 2.25" x 6" and are designed to be cut-to-fit. Designed with high-res imagery and printed on premium adhesive-backed cast vinyl, then sealed with a high-gloss laminate for easy installation. The result is a visually stunning and dynamic look on your rod. Easy enough for a beginner, yet unique enough for a pro, Rod Skinz™ truly gives your custom rod a feel that no other store-bought rod can offer.

RodSkinz™ Instructions

STEP 1 : Determine Your Diameter

a. After deciding which Rod Skin™ to choose from, it's time to start wrapping. First, you will need to determine the diameter of the rod where you choose to place your skin. An easy way to due this is to use some rod builders tape. Wrap one full rotation of tape around the rod blank on both the top and bottom of where you plan to place your Rod Skin™(Be sure to leave yourself with a 1/4" overlap for the next step) . The reason we do this is because most rods have a taper, so the diameter of the blank may be different on each end of your Rod Skin™.

b. Once you've placed your tape in both locations, you are going to use a razor-blade, excato knife, or box-cutter to slit your tape.This will leave you with a nice straight edge. When slitting your tape, make sure to make your incision on your overlapped 1/4" area to help prevent scratching your blank with the blade.

c. Next, remove the tape from the blank and place the tape on the top and bottom of your Rod Skin™. Depending on your pattern, you are going to place your tape over the most desired part of your pattern.

d. Next, take a ruler and line up both the left and right edges of your tape. Mark these edges with a sharpie or wax pencil so you know where to trim you Rod Skin™ down to.

e. Using your previous marks, trim your Rod Skin™ to your desired diameter.


STEP 2 : Applying Your Rod Skin™

a. Now that you have trimmed your Rod Skin™ to size, it's time to stick it to the blank. First, pull off the backing paper from your Rod Skin™ exposing the adhesive side.

b. Next, line the center of your Rod Skin™ up with the main focal part of your rod blank, making sure to leave equal skin on each side of your rod blank. This insures that the seam of your Rod Skin™ will be on the backside.

c. Using your thumb, stick the center of your Rod Skin™ to your blank by pressing and running your thumb from the bottom of the skin to the top.

d. Now that you've placed the center of your Rod Skin™ to the blank, Start using your thumb to apply the rest of your Rod Skin™ one-side flap at a time. Be sure not to lift your thumb while moving your hand up and down the Rod Skin™. Continue to use your thumb in one fluid motion until the first flap is completely applied to the blank. Once your first side-flap has been applied to your blank, continue to use the same method to stick down the last side-flap which should give you your small overlap.



STEP 3 : Epoxy

a. Now that you've applied your skin, seal it in place using a two-part finish epoxy. Follow your epoxy manufactures instructions carefully to insure the best results. This is insure that your skin will stay in place and not

Rod Skin™ Tip:

If you have chosen a Rod Skin™ that is majority black or dark in color, you may want to take a sharpie marker to paint the edges of your trims black. This will insure that you won't get a small white edge on your seam do to the thickness of the Rod Skin™

Another way to prevent seams would be to do a small thread trim band on either side of your Rod Skin™. This too will also prevent any chance to white edges to appear while adding a more decorative look.