LZR Zirconium stripper guides by CRB | Single Foot SS wire running guides | 2wt - 12wt | 7'6 - 11' | 2 Colors

Single Foot Fly Guide Sets

CRB Single foot fly guide sets – now conveniently packaged in a kit. These kits are setup to handle your next custom build from a 7'6" 2wt all the way to a 12wt. Each set is specifically setup to match the weight and rod length for your next build. These kits are matched with CRB LZR Stripper Guides, down to the CRB single foot fly guides.

CRB Fly Guides

Engineered for lasting performance, this line of guides includes snakes, single foots, and fly tops—all constructed with stainless steel frames and the toughest PVD coating for superior performance and protection. The process behind PVD coating not only makes guides corrosion resistant, it also reduces friction to produce higher line speeds, eliminate wear on fly lines, and preserve each frames’ polished finish.

  • CRB LZR Stripping guides with Pressed Ultra-Thin, Super Light Zirconium Rings
  • CRB single-foot wire running guides:
    • Recommended for use on 2-12 wt. fly rods
    • PVD coated stainless steel
    • High rounded arch design
    • Pre-ground feet
    • Available in Black or Polished frame

Guide Set Kit Components

  Running Guides
Rod WeightBase Guides7'6"8'8'6"9'10'11'
2-4 wt.10-3-2-1-11/0 (x4)1/0 (x4)1/0 (x4)1/0 (x5)1/0 (x6)
5 wt.12-4-21 (x4)1 (x5)1 (x6)1 (x6)
6 wt.12-10-3-2-2-2-21 (x6)1 (x7)1 (x7)
7 wt.16-12-4-3-2-2-21 (x3)1 (x4)1 (x4)
8 wt.16-12-4-3-2-2-21 (x3)1 (x4)1 (x4)
9 wt.16-12-5-4-32 (x5)
10 wt.20-12-6-5-43 (x5)
11 wt.20-16-12-65 (x5)
12 wt.20-16-12-65 (x5)