While you're out pursuing aggressive nearshore fish and demand a rod handle capable of finishing the fight, this handle is built with the strength to make it happen time after time. Matching performance with style, these kits include CRB's Vented Aluminum reel seat paired with a nylon smooth butt and ergonomic EVA foam fore grip. The end result is a durable nearshore spinning handle with performance you can trust while quickly transferring it in and out of gunnels, and reeling in more fish without feeling the fatigue of long days at sea.

Key Features & Benefits

Nylon Slick Butt
Ultra-durable nylon. Designed with rod holders in mind. Excellent choice for trolling rods.

CRB Vented Aluminum Seat
Aluminum construction. Dual locking nuts. 8 color combinations.

Rubber Winding Checks
An assortment of pre-sized rubber winding checks complete the trim.

Kit Components

These nearshore spinning handle kits feature CRB's vented aluminum reel seat in 8 color combinations along with a nylon smooth butt in lengths: 8", 10", or 12", and a black EVA foam fore grip in 6", 8", 10", or 12" lengths. Plus, it includes CRB's straight tapered aluminum gimbal to fit into your favorite fighting belts.

  • CRB Aluminum Vented Reel Seats AVRS (18mm) in your choice of 8 color combinations
  • Nylon Smooth Butt Sizes: 8", 10", 12"
  • Black EVA Fore Grip Sizes (length x I.D.): 6" x 1/2, 8" x 1/2, 10" x 1/2, 12" x 1/2 - 5/8
  • CRB Straight Taper Aluminum Gimbal

Handle Kit Specifications

6 in. Fore | 8 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"8.00"5.18"6.00"21.43"
8 in. Fore | 8 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"8.00"5.18"8.00"23.43"
10 in. Fore | 8 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"8.00"5.18"10.00"25.43"
12 in. Fore | 8 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"8.00"5.18"12.00"27.43"
6 in. Fore | 10 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"10.00"5.18"6.00"23.43"
8 in. Fore | 10 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"10.00"5.18"8.00"25.43"
10 in. Fore | 10 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"10.00"5.18"10.00"27.43"
12 in. Fore | 10 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"10.00"5.18"12.00"29.43"
6 in. Fore | 12 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"12.00"5.18"6.00"25.43"
8 in. Fore | 12 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"12.00"5.18"8.00"27.43"
10 in. Fore | 12 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"12.00"5.18"10.00"29.43"
12 in. Fore | 12 in. Slick ButtAVRS-182.25"12.00"5.18"12.00"31.43"

Installation & How-To

Note: Handle kits do not include arbors. You can purchase one separately, or build one yourself using tape. Also, as blank diameters change, you may need to ream the inner diameter of the grips to match the blank. In instances where the blank diameter is small, you might need to create an arbor to fit the grip snug to the blank.



Material:EVA & Foam