LZR Zirconium stripper guides by CRB | Snake Brand Guides with ECOating | 2wt - 12wt | 7'6 - 11'

Snake Brand Universal Fly Guide Sets

Snake Brand Guides – now conveniently packaged in a kit. These kits are setup to handle your next custom build from a 7'6" 2wt all the way to a 12wt. Each set is specifically setup to match the weight and rod length for your next build. These kits are matched with CRB LZR Stripper Guides, down to the Snake Brand ECO coated double foot fly guides.

About Snake Brand Universal Fly Guides with ECOating

The Universal Snake Brand guide features an ECOating that adds to the corrosion resistance but also allows for more distance when shooting line. The guides are Made in the USA from high quality stainless steel and offer a unique, fully round loop and tapered guide feet that follow the curvature of the blank to offer a consistent fit and alignment that will lessen the time you are building and get you on the water faster!

  • Snake Brand guides proudly made in the USA
  • CRB LZR Stripping guides with Pressed Ultra-Thin, Super Light Zirconium Rings
  • Snake Brand guides:
      • Self-homing and self-aligning
      • Lower profile on the rod
      • Every guide sits flat and straight
      • Graduated wire diameters

Guide Set Kit Components

  Running Guides
Rod WeightBase Guides7'6"8'8'6"9'10'11'
2-4 wt.10-3-2-1-11/0 (x4) 1/0 (x4) 1/0 (x4) 1/0 (x5) 1/0 (x6)
5 wt.12-5-3-2 1 (x5) 1 (x6)1 (x7)1 (x7)
6 wt.12-10-3-2-2-21 (x4)1 (x5)1 (x5)
7 wt.16-12-4-3-2-21 (x4)1 (x5)1 (x5)
8 wt.16-12-4-3-2-2-21 (x3)1 (x4)1 (x4)
9 wt.16-12-5-4-3 2 (x5)
10 wt.20-12-6-5-4 3 (x5)
11 wt.20-16-12-6 5 (x5)
12 wt.20-16-12-6 5 (x5)



Brand:Snake Brand