2 Handle Options | Mod-Fast Action | Heavy to XX-Heavy Rods | Slate Finish
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Application Details

FP885 7’4” Heavy Pitchin’ Rod Kit

Pro Angler Terry Scroggins knows exactly what he wants from a pitchin’ rod, and this 7’4” heavy casting rod is perfect. Featuring a fast action tip, this rod's sensitivity is great for feeling and working a jig, while its length gives plenty of leverage for a serious hook set. Once they’re hooked and ready to fight, the “Big Show” trusts the heavy power to quickly wrestle big fish out of cover and onto to his boat, so that he can turn around and catch one even bigger.

7'4" | 12-30 lb. | 3/8 - 1 1/2 oz. | Mod/Fast Action | Heavy Power

“ When I want the perfect rod for pitchin’ all day long—I want my FP885-MHX rod because I can fish a jig or beaver style bait around docks, flippin’ reeds and bushes, and never get tired. It’s well balanced with plenty of power and somedays, I might not put it down. ”
Terry Scroggins, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler

FP936 7’9” Flippin’-Pitchin’ Rod Kit

Pro Angler Terry Scroggins certainly knows his way around semi-heavy weeds and Kissimmee grass, and you can bet his FP936-MHX Flippin’ and Pitchin’ Rod does too. For general, all-purpose flippin’, this 7’9” X-heavy casting rod is the deal because it has some serious butt power paired with a forgiving mod/fast tip flex that keeps big fish buttoned up. Scroggins will fish this rod in semi-heavy cover and get big time bites.

7'9" | 15-30 lb. | 3/4 - 2 oz. | Mod/Fast Action | Extra Heavy Power

“As I’m fishing through Kissimmee grass and weeds, I know exactly what to expect from my FP936-MHX Flippin’-Pitchin’ Rod. Once I pick it up, I know it’s on and those big lurking bass have no idea what’s about to hit ‘em. Long story short, this is one of the best all-purpose flippin’ rods out there. ”
Terry Scroggins, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler

FP937 7’9” XX-Heavy Flippin’ Rod Kit

A true Florida boy, Pro Angler Terry Scroggins has seen just about every flippin’ stick on the market, but none with the performance potential of the FP937. With the XX-heavy power, he can put his most serious braid to work and pull the largest fish from dense cover. Then by using the 7’9” length and mod-fast action tip flex, the “Big Show” can set the hook with plenty of leverage to give that bass a one-way ticket straight to the boat.

7'9" | 20-40 lb. | 1 - 2 1/2 oz. | Mod/Fast Action | 2X Heavy Power

“Now I have fished many flippin’ sticks in my day, but my hands have never held a more powerful fishing rod, and the best part—I built this one myself! If I am in a situation where it is me vs. a monster bass lurking in really heavy cover, this rod is a true beast and it will be my go-to flippin’ stick every time. ”
Terry Scroggins, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler

Rod Specifications

FP885-MHX7'4"112-30 lb.3/8 - 1 1/2 oz.Mod-FastHeavy
FP936-MHX7'9"115-30 lb.3/4 - 2 oz.Mod-FastX Heavy
FP937-MHX7'9"120-40 lb.1 - 2 1/2 oz.Mod-Fast2X Heavy

Key Features & Benefits

MHX WinnDry® Polymer Grips
Comfortable, tacky, non-slip polymer material.

MHX Flippin' & Pitchin' Blank
Dialed-in performance for heavier bass applications. Slate finish.

LZR™ Guides by CRB
Ultra-thin insert ring is 50% thinner. 3 Premium stainless steel frame finishes.

CRB Deluxe Graphite Reel Seat
High quality graphite trigger handle. Timeless styling in 3 hood finishes.