Featuring Titanium RECOIL guides by REC | 2wt up to 12wt | 7'6 up to 11' | 2 Color Options
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Titanium Single Foot Fly Rod Guide Sets

REC Titanium single foot guide sets – now conveniently packaged in a kit. These kits are setup to handle your next custom build from a 7'6" 2wt all the way to a 12wt. Each set is specifically setup to match the weight and rod length for your next build.

About REC Titanium Fly Rod Guides

The REC Nickel titanium alloy guides are at home in both freshwater and the salt as they are virtually corrosion proof as well as being flexible to resist breakage. These sets come with REC Titanium Stripping guides as well as the REC Titanium single foot guides.

  • REC RECOIL titanium double-foot stripping guide
  • REC RECOIL titanium single foot runners
  • Special Nickel Titanium alloy with "shape memory" allows the guides to return to their original shape after repeated deformations
  • Corrosion-free

Guide Set Kit Components

  Running Guides
Rod WeightBase Guides7'6"8'8'6"9'10'11'
2-4 wt.12-3-2-1 1 (x4) 1 (x4) 1 (x4) 1 (x5) 1 (x6)
5 wt.16-3-2 1 (x6) 1 (x7)1 (x8)1 (x8)
6 wt.16-12-3-2 1 (x6)1 (x7)1 (x7)
7 wt.20-16-4-3-2-2 1 (x4)1 (x5)1 (x5)
8 wt.20-16-4-3-2-2-2 1 (x3)1 (x4)1 (x4)
9 wt.20-16-5-4-3 2 (x5)
10 wt.25-16-6-5-4 3 (x5)
11 wt.25-20-16-6 5 (x5)
12 wt.25-20-16-6 5 (x5)



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