Spinning or Casting | .530" or .600" ID | (5) Color Options | Supplied pre-assembled

Grip ID

Take the guess work out of configuring your rod handle. Speed up your rod repair. Perfect for Experienced or New Rod Builders.

The Winn Rod Handle System comes pre-assembled for casting or spinning applications, and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles! Perfect for rod repairs or to simplify new rod builds.

Easy to install! Just build an arbor on the rod blank to receive the rod handle unit (like building an arbor for a reel seat), apply your ProPaste, slide on the handle system, and let dry. It's that easy!

Winn Rod Handle System

  • Winn’s Superior Polymer Grip Technology puts control & comfort in your hand.
  • Provides "Tacky Sure-Grip" in all weather conditions.
  • Less hand fatigue.
  • Improve your casting.
  • Easy to install over existing or new rod blank.
  • Instructions included.

Included components

  • Grip components
  • Reel Seat
  • End Cap
  • Winding Check
  • Pre-assembled on to a High Quality handle tube

Available Sizes

Casting and Spinning

Will accomodate rod blanks with maximum outside diameters no greater than .53 inches.

Casting and Spinning

Will accomodate rod blanks with maximum outside diameters no greater than .60 inches.

Sizing and Specifications

Casting .530"

Part #LengthIDColorType
C53-BLB-RHS15.75”.530”Blue/Blue2-Piece Split
C53-CTB-RHS15.75”.530”Chartreuse/Black2-Piece Split
C53-RDB-RHS15.75”.530”Red/Black2-Piece Split
C53-BKC-RHS15.75”.530”Black/Chartreuse2-Piece Split
C53-CHB-RHS15.75”.530”Charcoal/Black2-Piece Split

Casting .600"

Part #LengthIDColorType
C60-BLB-RHS15.75”.600”Blue/Blue2-Piece Split
C60-CTB-RHS15.75”.600”Chartreuse/Black2-Piece Split
C60-RDB-RHS15.75”.600”Red/Black2-Piece Split
C60-BKC-RHS15.75”.600”Black/Chartreuse2-Piece Split
C60-CHB-RHS15.75”.600”Charcoal/Black2-Piece Split

Spinning .530"

Part #LengthIDColorType
S53-BLB-RHS15”.530”Blue/Blue2-Piece Full Rear
S53-CTB-RHS15.75”.530”Chartreuse/Black3-Piece Split
S53-RDB-RHS15.75”.530”Red/Black3-Piece Split
S53-CHB-RHS15”.530”Charcoal/Black2-Piece Full Rear
S53-BKC-RHS15.75”.530”Black/Chartreuse3-Piece Split

Spinning .600"

Part #LengthIDColorType
S60-BLB-RHS15”.600”Blue/Blue2-Piece Full Rear
S60-CTB-RHS15.75”.600”Chartreuse/Black3-Piece Split
S60-RDB-RHS15.75”.600”Red/Black3-Piece Split
S60-CHB-RHS15”.600”Charcoal/Black2-Piece Full Rear
S60-BKC-RHS15.75”.600”Black/Chartreuse3-Piece Split



Material:EVA & Foam