Winndry® Polymer in 10 Colors | 3.5" or 4.5" Rear Grip | 1.75" Polymer or 1" EVA Fore Grip | 16mm Graphite Seat

From appearance to performance, the Winn split-grip casting handle kits bring you some of the leading fishing rod grips recognized for their signature style and superb feel on the water. Alongside all the high quality components to complete your new casting rod handle, you get to choose your favorite matching Winn grips from 10 awesome color options that help you assemble the ideal handle that you want to see catch fish. Whether you're an avid tournament angler or a weekend trophy chaser, this Winn split-grip casting handle kit is designed for you--by you to always keep comfort and confidence in your corner.

Key Features & Benefits

Winndry® Polymer Grips
Comfortable, tacky, non-slip polymer material. 10 color options.

CRB Deluxe Graphite Seat
High quality graphite trigger handle. Timeless styling in 3 hood finishes.

Rubber Winding Checks
An assortment of pre-sized rubber winding checks complete the trim.

Kit Components

Aside from the premium graphite CRB casting reel seat, this split-grip setup features the incredible feel and performance of Winn grips with a color rear grip in lengths of either 3.5" or 4.5", along with a matching color fighting butt and 1.75" fore grip. There is also a 1" tapered Black EVA foam fore grip for those who want a more minimalist option above the reel seat. Plus, it comes with assorted winding checks to finish off your new favorite split-grip handle.

  • CRB Premium Graphite Casting Reel Seats
  • Winn Split-Grip Straight Taper Casting Rear Grip Sizes: 3.5", 4.5"
  • Winn Fighting Butt Grip
  • Winn Straight Taper Fore Grip with Tenon or 1" Tapered Black EVA Foam Fore Grip
  • Assorted winding checks for various diameter rod blanks

Handle Kit Specifications

3.5 in. Rear | 1.75 in. ForeGCRS-163.50"4.50"1.75"9.75"
3.5 in. Rear | 1 in. EVA ForeGCRS-163.50"4.50"1.00"9.00"
4.5 in. Rear | 1.75 in. ForeGCRS-164.50"4.50"1.75"10.75"
4.5 in. Rear | 1 in. EVA ForeGCRS-164.50"4.50"1.00"10.00"

Installation & How-To

Note: Handle kits do not include arbors. You can purchase one separately, or build one yourself using tape. Also, as blank diameters change, you may need to ream the inner diameter of the grips to match the blank. In instances where the blank diameter is small, you might need to create an arbor to fit the grip snug to the blank.



Material:Winndry® Polymer