Winthrop Terminator Adjusta-Butt Standard | 8", 10" or 12" EVA Foam Fore Grip | 3 Color Options
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The Winthrop Adjusta-Butt system has been an incredible advancement in fish fighting since they were developed. Never before has an angler been able to stack the cards in his/her deck and make a change on the fly. Typically if you were in a stand up harness or in a chair you had to make a decision on which rods to set, or the fish made that decision for you. Now, if the fish is on the horizon you can fight with a straight butt but once the fish is boat side or chooses to sound, you can switch to a bent butt at the push of a button. These handle kits come with the Standard length version of the adjusta-butt which is an excellent option for those who fight mainly in a chair but still a good option for both stand-up and chair anglers.

Key Features & Benefits

Black EVA Foam Grips
A rugged & durable alternative to traditional cork grips.

Winthrop Terminator Adjusta-Butt
Switch between straight and curved handles with the push of a button. 3 Color options.

Rubber Winding Checks
An assortment of pre-sized rubber winding checks complete the trim.

Kit Components

Now that you have chosen the ultimate in fish fighting aluminum butts, we have a few options to make your next big game rod perfect. Once you choose between a size #2 or size #4 depending on the class of rod you will be building, we give three foregrip options. Both butt sizes allow for a choice of a 8-inch, 10-inch or 12-inch foregrip to best suit your fishing style and personal preference. Need colors to match your Sport Fisherman? Each Adjusta-butt comes in Black, Black/Gold or Sliver to compliment your boat or to match your reel. As with all our handle kits, you receive vinyl/rubber winding checks that offer flexibility to match up with different ODs of rod blanks.

  • Winthrop Terminator Adjusta-butt in Size #2 Standard or #4 Standard
  • Three color options: Black, Black/Gold and Silver
  • Each butt has the option of an 8inch, 10inch or 12inch foregrip
  • Black Rubber/Vinyl Winding Checks for various blank O.D.'s

Handle Kit Specifications

8 in. EVA Fore Grip#2 Standard20.20"8.00"28.20"
10 in. EVA Fore Grip#2 Standard20.20"10.00"30.20"
12 in. EVA Fore Grip#2 Standard20.20"12.00"32.20"
8 in. EVA Fore Grip#4 Standard20.20"8.00"28.20"
10 in. EVA Fore Grip#4 Standard20.20"10.00"30.20"
12 in. EVA Fore Grip#4 Standard20.20"12.00"32.20"

Installation & How-To

Note: Handle kits do not include arbors. You can purchase one separately, or build one yourself using tape. Also, as blank diameters change, you may need to ream the inner diameter of the grips to match the blank. In instances where the blank diameter is small, you might need to create an arbor to fit the grip snug to the blank.



Material:EVA & Foam
Brand:Winthrop Tackle