Jig Skinz - Refurbish, Retro-Fit and Customize Your Lures!

This incredible innovation is the first of many JigSkinz® products that allows retrofitting, refurbishing and customization of any well-used fishing lure. Simply shrink a JigSkinz lure skin over the top of any lure using only hot water to customize and make it better than new!

3 Products

3 Products

JigSkinz: Abalone RodWrapz

Refinish your lure or dress up your custom rod with realistic abalone patterns | 4 Colors | 50mm (2") or 70mm (2 3/4")
$2.34 $3.50


Refinish your lures with realistic baitfish patterns | 8 Sizes | Sold per 4-Pack

JigSkinz GLOW

Make your lures glow in the dark | 8 Sizes | Sold per 4-Pack