Tools To Build Fishing Lures

Why limit your fishing lure selection to what the retail shop carry in inventory - start building your very own custom fishing lures today! Our wide selection of lure making kits, parts, products, materials, tools, and instructional books & DVDs that make it easy to get started - at an affordable price. Where do you want to start?

15 Products

15 Products


This little tool belongs on every tacklemaker’s workbench and in every fisherman’s tacklebox. The Eyebuster quickly and efficiently punches paint clogs out of the eyes of hooks on painted lures.

Little Blue Bender

This unusual device bends “R” Eye Spinner Jig and Buzz Spin forms from straight wire shanks up to .041 diameter. Also bends hooks, swivel loops and makes custom bends.

Cast Iron Ladle 2.5" Dia. Cup

2-1/2” diameter cup to hold up to 1-1/4 lbs. of lead. The 1911 has a shorter handle design for better agility and ease of pouring.

Cast Iron Ladle 3" Dia. Cup

3" diameter cup to hold up to 1-1/2 lbs. of lead and is designed to pour larger cavity molds.

Rubber Skirt Factory

Make your own premium removable rubber skirts for jigs and spinner baits with this kit.

Grobet Round-Nose Pliers

A top choice for the professional tackle crafter: 5-1/4" round-nose pliers with plastic coated handles.

Lead Ingot Mold

Use this mold to cast your lead into 1/2 Lbs. and 1 Lbs. ingots. Mold is aluminum with a wooden handle.

Lee Pro 4 20lb Lead Melter

Holds approximately 20lbs of lead | Approximately 4" clearance
$98.99 to $101.00

Replacement Coil Element for Hot Pot 2 Lead Melting Pot

Over time elements may become damaged and burned out from melting lead containing contaminants. This is the original manufacturer's replacement coil element for the Hot Pot 2 lead melting pot.

Lee Magnum Melter

4" Pot provides easy ladle access. Offers a melt time of less than 20 minutes and has a 20 Lb. capacity. 700 Watts (110V).

Lee Precision Lead Melter

High Speed melter, with precision heating control. Will melt 4 Lbs. of lead in less than 15 minutes. Suitable for smaller molds. 500 Watts (110V).

CRB 7-Piece Tweezer Set

7 professional stainless steel rod building tools | Premium oak storage case