Tools To Build Fishing Lures

Why limit your fishing lure selection to what the retail shop carry in inventory - start building your very own custom fishing lures today! Our wide selection of lure making kits, parts, products, materials, tools, and instructional books & DVDs that make it easy to get started - at an affordable price. Where do you want to start?

7 Products

7 Products

Hot Pot 2 Lead Melting Pot

Low temperature alloy pot holds 4 lbs of lead. Great for production work or individual jobs.


Trusty tool punches clogs from hook eyes. Belongs in every workbench & in every tacklebox.

Little Blue Bender

Bends "R" Eye Spinner Jig and Buzz Spin forms from straight wire shanks up to .041 diameter.

Cast Iron Ladle 2.5" Dia. Cup

2-1/2" diameter cup to hold up to 1-1/4 lbs. of lead. 1911 has a shorter handle for easy pouring.

Cast Iron Ladle 3" Dia. Cup

3" diameter cup to hold up to 1-1/2 lbs. of lead and is designed to pour larger cavity molds.

Grobet Round-Nose Pliers

A top choice for the professional tackle crafter: 5-1/4" round-nose pliers with plastic coated handles.

CRB 7-Piece Tweezer Set

7 professional stainless steel rod building tools | Premium oak storage case