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Whether you are new to fly tying, or a seasoned fly crafter, we have the materials, tools, and accessories you need. Knowing how to tie your own flies is greatly rewarded with more hook-ups and the satisfaction that you fooled the fish. We have what you need to create specialty flies to set your day on the water apart from others. Matched with your very own custom built Fly Rod, your hand tied flies will save you time & money and catch more fish!

13 Products

13 Products

Fly Tying Station with 11 Tools and Vise

Stop wasting time searching for tools, hooks and materials and start tying beautiful flies! Includes professional vise, base tying station and 11 tools.

7-Piece Fly Tying Tool Kit with Vise

This new fly tying kit includes 7 great tools to get started with.

Fireside Wooden Fly Tying Kit

A high quality tool set presented in a wooden box. Contains a black Super AA vise and base, and 8 useful tools. Click for more info.

Bass Bug Kit

A variety of spinning hair, Fly Flash, Weed guard material, Bug Bodies and Streamer neck hackle for those perfect splayed tails and of course “Dyna Floss” for legs.


Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit

This kit makes fly tying easy and fun. Kit includes all of the necessary tools and materials to tie 10 of today's best trout flies.

Ant, Beetle Kit

Ants and beetles are a food available to trout the majority of the year. This kit makes 24 flies.

Trout Tying Kit

Materials only including hooks, thread, floss, marabou, yarns, peacock, saddle and more. Plus a basic instruction sheet.

Razor Midge Kit

The razor midge is an effective, easy to tie midge pupa. This kit includes (24) hooks, (3) colors of translucent razor foam, midge flash, dubbing and easy to follow tying instructions.
$8.40 $9.00

Umpqua Beginner's Fly Tying Kit

Metz™ Hackle, Tiemco™ Hooks, materials, instructions and the tools to get started right.

Umpqua Deluxe Fly Tying Kit

Metz™ Hackle, Tiemco™ Hooks, instructions and tools, plus a more comprehensive material section.

Cam's Offshore Tying Kit

This kit contains just about everything you need to get started tying Cam Sigler's famous saltwater flies.
$42.99 $44.99