Fly Tying Tools & Supplies To Make Custom Flies

Whether you are new to fly tying, or a seasoned fly crafter, we have the materials, tools, and accessories you need. Knowing how to tie your own flies is greatly rewarded with more hook-ups and the satisfaction that you fooled the fish. We have what you need to create specialty flies to set your day on the water apart from others. Matched with your very own custom built Fly Rod, your hand tied flies will save you time & money and catch more fish!

18 Products

18 Products

Wapsi Fly Head Cement

Perfect viscosity, penetrates threads fast and dries quickly. Clear or black.

Zap-A-Gap Adhesive

A totally waterproof adhesive that bonds in less than 10 seconds. Bonds to virtually anything, it is considered a fly tyer’s secret weapon.
$4.99 to $9.99

Fly Tying Station with 11 Tools and Vise

Stop wasting time searching for tools, hooks and materials and start tying beautiful flies! Includes professional vise, base tying station and 11 tools.

Dr. Slick Bobbin - 3" Ceramic

3" Ceramic Bobbin, Dual Ceramic Inserts, Delrin Feet

Dr. Slick Bobbin - 4" Ceramic

4" Ceramic Bobbin, Dual Ceramic Inserts, Delrin Feet

7-Piece Fly Tying Tool Kit with Vise

This new fly tying kit includes 7 great tools to get started with.

Wapsi Flex-Seal, 1oz

A thin, flexible, clear sealant. Great for a feather glaze and sealing deer hair bugs for durability.

Colorado Angler Supply Crown Rotating Vise - 104

This professional-grade vise features spring-action hardened steel jaws with an adjustable angle for comfortable tying. Extra wide table clamp, finished in matte-black and brass.

Fireside Wooden Fly Tying Kit

A high quality tool set presented in a wooden box. Contains a black Super AA vise and base, and 8 useful tools. Click for more info.

Dr. Slick All Purpose Microtip Scissor - 4"

4" All Purpose Scissors Micro Tip, Gold Loops, Straight

Dr. Slick Spring Scissor - Straight

4" Spring Scissors, Gold Handle, Straight Tip

Peacock Eyes

Peacock is one of the most popular fly tying materials. End section of the feather. Good herl and large, full eye.
4 per pkg.

Dr. Slick Hook File 4" - Fine/Med Grit

Hook files are 2 sided with dual sharpening grooves, and are constructed of surgical stainless steel with diamond grit surfaces. This 4" file has fine & medium grit.

Flexcoat BW1 Cordless Fly/Jig Turner Big Wheel

This cordless unit with a big 5" foam disk includes 12 pin clips. The 7 RPM motor (made in the USA) has an on/off switch and is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are not included.

Flexcoat BF72 Cordless Fly/Jig Turner II

This cordless unit has a 3" foam disk. The 7 RPM motor (made in the USA) has an on/off switch and is powered by 4 AA batteries. Batteries not included.

CRB 7-Piece Tweezer Set

7 professional stainless steel rod building tools | Premium oak storage case