MHX Push Poles - Great For Fishing The Flats

The construction of the MHX push pole is a combination of uni-directional and off-axis Carbon fibers which gives you the greatest amount of power in the push but maintains excellent hoop strength during load.

Said another way, with the MHX push pole there is no wasted energy while positioning the boat to sneak up on that school of fish!

As Capt. Keiland Smith said in the 2012 Texas Saltwater Fishing Gear Guide: “In all my years of guiding I would have to say that I have never found a push pole to be this good. The weight of this pole and the strength of it is amazing… I would have to say I think this the best push pole ever made.”

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10 Products

10 Products

MHX Carbon Fiber Push Pole

19', 21' and 23' lengths | 3-Piece | 100% solid carbon | 3K twill finish | Assembly required
$369.95 to $439.95

Glue Kit for MHX Push Pole

Convenient glue kit with all the supplies you need to assemble or repair your MHX Push Pole.
$13.99 $15.15

Spare Point for MHX Push Pole

Spare to replace the MHX Push Pole point. Patterned mount for max bonding strength. | SS tip not included

Spare Stainless Steel Tip for MHX Push Pole

Screw-in stainless steel tip fits in the point of MHX Push Pole. | SS Tip only | Point not included

Spare Fork for MHX Push Pole

Spare to replace the MHX Push Pole fork. Ribbed insert mount for maximum bonding strength.

Ferrule Repair Kit for MHX Push Poles

Kit includes (1) 12" replacement ferrule for MHX Push Poles and all supplies and tools for repair job.

Spare Point with SS Tip for MHX Push Pole

Spare point with screw-in stainless steel tip for use on MHX Push Pole. | Includes Point and SS Tip

Replacement Section for MHX Push Pole

Replacement section for MHX Push Poles | Available for 19, 21 and 23-foot models | 3K Carbon Fiber construction
$125.00 to $150.00

Pushpole Mounting Brackets

Standard, Flush Mount and Poling Platform Configurations
$14.00 to $120.00

MHX Push Pole Ferrule 12"

Ferrule for Carbon Push Pole, 12" Length