Frog & Flounder Gigging Kits & Supplies

Whether you like to spot hunt for frogs in the freshwater, or spy and spear fluke and flounder in the saltwater, we carry all the gigging products and accessories you will need to be successful on your hunt! Browse around and shop our selection of gig building kits and replacement parts & options - there is something for every gigging application.

Don't forget to check out our stock of premium gaff & gig blanks from Calstar, Seeker and CRB!

12 Products

12 Products

Polyurethane Reel Seat Arbors

Lightweight, super sensitive polyurethane reel seat arbors. Machined to fit common reel seat sizes. Sold individually.
$1.95 to $2.95

CRB Door Knob Style Butt Caps

Rugged black rubber construction | 12 Sizes for a variety of rod, gig & gaff applications
$2.19 to $2.39

RBC Door Knob Style Butt Caps

Black rubber butt caps in door knob shape for comfort.
$2.42 to $2.52

CRB 10'0" Frog Gigging Rod Blank - Frog-10

10'0" | 15-25 lb. | Moderate Action | Light Power | 1 Piece | 1.2 Butt | Tip .490 | Unfinished, Black Finish

Wooden Dowel for Frog Gigs

These 3/8" wooden dowels fit snugly into the tip of the Frog-10 gigging blank where you'll use a set screw to secure the Gig in place. 3-inches in length.

Frog Gig Building Kit GIGKIT-6

10'0" | 1-Piece | Fiberglass | 4-Tine Gig Head with Removable Tines
$49.95 $64.16

Frog Gig Building Kit

10'0" | 1-Piece | Fiberglass | 4-Tine Gig Head
$49.95 $64.16

5 Tine Fish Spear GIG-5

Tempered steel construction, with 5 extra sharp barbed points. Includes bolt & nut to fasten to pole.

Flounder Gig Building Kit GIGKIT-5

10'0" | 1-Piece | Fiberglass | 5-Tine Gig Head
$49.95 $52.06

4 Tine Frog Spear GIG-4

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Tempered steel with sharp, barbed points. Available in 3 Tine or 4 Tine models. Includes bolt & nut to fasten to pole. 5-1/4".
$5.21 $6.95

Stainless Steel Frog Gig GIG-6

All Stainless Steel | 4 Tines | 0.535" ID