Thread Kits For Rod Building

These rod building thread kits come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, and provide great value as they are priced at a discount for buying in bulk! From nylon and color treated guide wraps, to decorative thread for trim wraps and accents, there is sure to be a kit right for you!

9 Products

9 Products

40-Spool ProWrap Thread Assortment Kit

Nylon or ColorFast | Size A or D | 40 x 100yds

ProFX Metallic 8 Spool Thread Pack

ProWrap Premium Metallic 8pc. Thread Kit
$35.64 $39.60

12-Spool ProWrap Metallic Thread Assortment Kit

Size A or D | 12 x 100yds

17-Spool ProWrap Thread Assortment Box

Nylon & Metallic or ColorFast & Metallic | Size A or D | 17 x 100yds | Stackable Storage Box

ProWrap™ Metallic Twist - 10pc Kit

10 Colors | 100 Yard Spools | Size C (.080 Diameter)
$44.55 $49.50

ProWrap™ Metallic Braid - 7pc Kit

7-piece color kit featuring all solid metallic braid colors: Gold, Green, Red, Black, Blue, Purple & Silver. 10yd cards.
$31.18 $34.65

Madeira 30 Spool Assortment

30 of the most popular colors from Madeira.
$106.65 $118.50

Butt Wrap Starter Kit

This kit is specifically designed to get builders started with one of the more popular decorative techniques used in rod building. Butt wraps! It includes all the tools, supplies, thread, braid, and even the CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool!
$71.51 $79.45

Trim Band Creation Kit

12 Brilliant Metallic Thread Colors | 3 Handy Thread Tools
$49.99 $65.85