Thread Kits For Rod Building

These rod building thread kits come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, and provide great value as they are priced at a discount for buying in bulk! From nylon and color treated guide wraps, to decorative thread for trim wraps and accents, there is sure to be a kit right for you!

9 Products

9 Products

40-Spool ProWrap Thread Assortment Kit

Nylon or ColorFast | Size A or D | 40 x 100yds
$136.95 $146.00

ProFX Metallic 8 Spool Thread Pack

ProWrap Premium Metallic 8pc. Thread Kit
$39.96 $44.40

12-Spool ProWrap Metallic Thread Assortment Kit

Size A or D | 12 x 100yds

ProWrap 18-Spool Thread Assortment with Storage Box

Nylon & Metallic or ColorFast & Metallic | Size A or D | 18 x 100yds | Reusable Storage Box
$75.50 $83.89

ProWrap™ Metallic Twist - 10pc Kit

10 Colors | 100 Yard Spools | Size C (.080 Diameter)
$49.05 $54.50

ProWrap™ Metallic Braid - 7pc Kit

7-piece color kit featuring all solid metallic braid colors: Gold, Green, Red, Black, Blue, Purple & Silver. 10yd cards.
$34.34 $38.15

Madeira 30 Spool Assortment

30 of the most popular colors from Madeira.
$112.58 $118.50

Trim Band Creation Kit

12 Brilliant Metallic Thread Colors | 3 Handy Thread Tools
$52.43 $58.25

Butt Wrap Starter Kit

Best start to decorative butt wraps. Includes tools, supplies, thread, braid, and Butt Wrap Alignment Tool.
$84.25 $88.70