Rod Building Start-Up Supplies

These start-up supply kits are great for both new and experienced rod builders. For new rod builders, these supply kits shorten the learning curve on exactly what pieces you will require. For experienced builders, you don't need to worry about forgetting something and having to place another order. Also, many of these start-up supplies are priced at a discount as an incentive for buying as a kit instead of individually.

12 Products

12 Products

Pro Products Premium Workshop Supply Kit

Includes 8oz. each ProPaste and ProKote | Bulk-packaged supplies and More
$99.95 $146.43

Pro Products Basic Workshop Supply Kit

Includes 4oz. each ProPaste and ProKote | 10-packs of various supplies and more
$49.95 $70.92

Pro Products 4-Rod Supply Kit

Pro Products Supply Kits give you everything you need to start gluing handles and applying epoxy to guide wraps!
$22.99 $29.29

Finishing Kit with Epoxy Mixer

This finishing kit includes an electric epoxy mixer, 4 oz. of ProKote, and all the brushes, mixing sticks and supplies you will need to finish many future rod builds. Great opportunity to stock up and save!
$77.09 $85.65

ProKöte Rod Building Thread Finish, Preloaded Syringe Kit

Starter kit with 24ml of ProK_te medium build thread finish, 4 mixing cups, 4 mixing sticks and 4 brushes.
$13.95 $16.35

Pro Products Single Rod Epoxy Finish & Glue Kit

Enough supplies for one rod up to 7' | Includes ProGlue and ProKote
$9.99 $11.87

Starter Marbling Kit

Everything to start Marbling | 2oz. ProKote epoxy finish | 5 sparkling pigments colors included
$32.09 $35.65

Professional Marbling Kit

Everything you need to Marble like a pro | 8oz. ProKote epoxy finish | 12 sparkling pigments included
$85.50 $95.00

Ultimate Rod Building Start-Up Supply Kit NFSB-5

For the ultimate rod builer - The Ultimate Start-Up Kit helps your rod building business rise to the top!
$949.99 $1,266.98

Professional Rod Building Start-Up Supply Kit NFSB-3

The go-to Start-up Kit for custom rod building, or repairing fishing rods. Includes everything you need!
$449.99 $613.23