Rod Building Start-Up Tools

These start-up tool kits are great for both new and experienced rod builders. For new rod builders, these tool kits shorten the learning curve on exactly what pieces you will require. For experienced builders, you don't need to worry about forgetting something and having to place another order. Also, many of these start-up tool kits are priced at a discount as an incentive for buying as a kit instead of individually.

4 Products

4 Products

Basic Rod Building Start-Up Supply Kit FSB-2

Kit has every tool, supply, & instructional material to get started in DIY custom fishing rod building & repair.
$149.95 $249.99

Extreme Reamer - Set of 4

Bundle all 4 sizes and save | Hand ream or power ream | Ream cork, EVA, composite materials, & more
$69.95 $79.80

Thread Tool Combo Package

Contains one burnishing tool, one pair of clippers and one thread pick.

Thread Probe Set

Thread Probe Set, 4pc