Wholesale Membership

A wholesale price list is available to legitimate professional dealers, rod builders, and tackle stores engaged in the business of custom rod building, fly tying, and lure building or fishing tackle resale.

Top 4 Reasons To Become A Wholesaler

Gain Customers

Get a leg up on your competition buy providing customers with items for rod building, rod repair, fly tying and lure building. They will buy it from somewhere, might as well be you!

Increase Revenue

Provide your customers with a more diverse selection, become a one stop shop and watch your cash flow increase!

Increase Profits

With some of the most competitive wholesale prices in the industry, you can increase your profits when buying from Mud Hole!

Grow Your Business

Experience more customers, increased cash flow, and higher profits. See your hard work pay off as your business grows & go fishing more!


To qualify for wholesale status the prospective applicant must be a registered business directly related to the production and/or sale of fishing equipment or full time professional rod builders. These business and professionals count on the extra discount percentage received in the wholesale program on their supplies as profit to help cover the associated overhead costs involved with being a "legitimate" and "legal" business.

Additionally, Mud Hole Custom Tackle passes on overhead savings when dealing with professional business who know how to order and how to build and assemble a rod. We are not in the business of supplying "underground" businesses that avoid things like taxes, nor are we interested in providing deep discounts to people who simply possess a business license or tax ID number of some sort and want to make some rods.

Wholesale applicants are required to provide current copies of the following:

  • Completed & Signed Mud Hole Wholesale Application
  • State Resale Tax Certificate
  • Federal Tax I.D (EIN number)
  • Store Front or Workshop Photographs
  • Business Cards and/or Business Letter Head
  • Opening order of $300 within 30 days of acceptance into the wholesale program

Additional information may be requested.

Mud Hole makes a conscious effort to protect its legitimate business within the fishing industry by rigorously reviewing all applicants to our wholesale program. Applicants should note that maintaining wholesale status with other companies does not guarantee wholesale status with Mud Hole provided the requirements listed within the application are not met.


Mud Hole Custom Tackle requires an annual minimum purchase requirement that must be met to retain your wholesale account status. Currently this annual minimum is $500.00 USD. The wholesale discount is intended for professionals within the fishing industry. That being said there are expectations for wholesale customers that extend beyond the qualifications for the account.

Wholesale customers are expected to place orders in professional and efficient manner. This includes having account number and part numbers ready for sales representatives to help expedite the order process. Wholesale customers are encouraged to use the online ordering system as well. While Mud Hole expects wholesale clients to have functional knowledge of the products, the Support staff is on hand to aid in the selection of components as well as provide technical information. Mud Hole’s sales personnel will assist wholesale customers with blank and component selection, however wholesale customers who consume an excessive amount of sales representatives time will be charged retail pricing.

Mud Hole does not have a minimum per order after the opening order, but does require yearly minimums be met to ensure wholesale status remains current year to year. Mud Hole reserves the right to terminate the wholesale status at their sole discretion without notice should these qualifications or expectations fail to be met.

Maintaining a wholesale account with Mud Hole gives business owners access to the largest and most comprehensive selection of Rod Building, Fly Tying and Tackle Crafting in the world. The Mud Hole team looks forward to helping your business grow and prosper, thank you for being part of our team.

Wholesale Applications

Complete the application for your region and fax to +1 (407) 447-7640 or email it as an attachment to wholesale@mudhole.com.